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Signed Sealed and Delivered

Since we started in 1997, we have been a one-stop-solution for packaging needs. Our expertise in tailor-made packaging products and services has a 100% batting average in customer satisfaction and on-time delivery.

Moreover, we help manage our client's packaging requirements. This keeps us one step ahead of our competitors and keeps us abreast in the dynamic growth of the foam and carton box and export industry in both local and overseas markets.

Foam Products

Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)

Our EPS product is a rigid closed cell plastic resin that goes through a chemical and steaming process to be moulded into a size of 4'x16'x2'. It is non-toxic, recyclable, mold and mildew proof. Aside from producing different grades of EPS, we also do the whole process of moulding and cutting up to delivering the final product.

EPS Flakes or Chips

We provide lightweight flakes made from EPS products for construction purposes. It offers stability for concrete products in landscapes, pots and gardens. These flakes are from recycled EPS products that we buy back and reproduce, thus providing sustainability and protecting the environment.

3D Products

Our high-tech 3D Router, which helps make foam creations that surpasses the imagination.

CNC Products

Our precision hot wire foam-cutting machine can carve foam into any shape based on client's requirements.

Sheet Products

We have ready-made EPS sheets in sizes of 4'x8' or 4'x2' in a range of thickness from 8mm to 600mm. We can even have them custom-made based on client's requirements.


We supply dunnage made from recycled EPS products that come in different sizes. They are easy to use and best utilized for protective packaging and cushioning.


Our company produces resin beads that are utilized for cushioning materials, decorative Christmas snowflakes, filling for beanbag furniture and for bore piling construction work. Beads are the first by-product of the resin raw material and expanded up to 100 times from their original size.

Other Foam Products That We Manufacture & Supply

PE Foam

Eva Foam

Bubble Pack


Paper Products

Going out of the box. We do everything, from slitting and slotting to the desired size to colouring, gluing, stitching and finishing. Our well-made paper and carton products are delivered to our clients on time based on their specifications and requirements.

Edge Protector

Paper Roll

Diecut Box

Carton Box