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In providing services to our clients, we believe in the 3 components of the Law of Economics.

We believe in efficiently meeting our client's DEMAND
We SUPPLY the best service possible
We give a competitive PRICE

More than just components, we consider them as rules to live by in order to always deliver quality work.

In addition, we put a priority on Safety. Our safety and health committee oversees programs to eliminate casualties and provide a safe working environment for all.

We do not just rest on our laurels. We continuously evaluate and improve our services to ensure that we meet our clients' needs and attend to them with the highest standards.

Crane Services

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Crane service is a craft that we have perfected since we began in 1974. Starting out humbly with two 7-ton cranes, our business grew to include a massive fleet consisting of hydraulic cranes ranging from 20 to 200 tons and skylifts that extend from 24 metres to 40 metres. We will continuously improve and expand our cranes and skylift services to meet the market demand.

Transportation Services

From here to there with ease. Embarking on just one low-loader in 1980, our transportation business has grown to a huge fleet, which includes low loaders, multi-axle low loaders, cargo trailers and lorries mounted with cranes. We transport heavy items all across Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Management & Consultation

No worries management. Our expertise on project management and consultation has been utilized in numerous extensive projects such as the following:

  • Shifting 600-ton plastic injection machine.
  • Equipment transfer services for the Defence Ministry.
  • Equipment transfer services from the airport to any part of Malaysia.
  • Transfer and installation of cryogenic tanks across Malaysia.